I was SPOILED by Disney Cruise Line!



It’s true! I was spoiled by DISNEY CRUISE LINE! The others are great and have their own perks, but DISNEY is JUST MAGICAL in EVERY WAY! I look everyday at the website, looking to book my next! (I do not have kids)

A lot of people ask, is it worth the extra money? In my opinion, the answer is YES! and here is why:

The magic! No one can provide the type of magic that Disney provides! 
 Rotational Dining- Disney Cruise Line has multiple dining rooms that you rotate through. The dining room staff rotates with you, so you create the same relationship! The dining rooms are also themed and so very magical! They also do an incredible job seating similar groups together – same ages of kids, adults only, etc!
The Characters – the one on one time with the characters is something that you will not be able to find in any of the parks! The character appearances are plentiful so you can meet them all throughout your cruise!
The Broadway style shows!! OMG, they were incredible!
Castaway Cay – GORGEOUS and so much to do for all ages!! The BBQ lunch that is included is a plus too!
 Pirate Night with FIREWORKS! This was such a great show and a perfect ending with the Fireworks at SEA! (Disney exclusive)
The staterooms- they are largest staterooms that I have seen on any ship, lots of storage, and most have split bathrooms.
Fish Extenders – Disney Cruisers can opt to participate in a gift exchange called “Fish Extenders” you join a group prior to the cruise and deliver/receive gifts to your group throughout the cruise!
 Adult Only Venues- Disney does a great job making sure that adults get to relax and enjoy the vacation as much as the kids do!
Soda is included and unlimited!
Kids Clubs- Wonderful large themed areas for the kids to hangout, meet new friends, and emerge themselves in a Disney experience!

I could go on and on! Please let me know if you have any questions! I would love to answer them and to help you plan YOUR DISNEY CRUISE!!



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