Proud Travel Agent! 2020 & Beyond

There were many days in the past 90 days, that I questioned if I want to continue to do this! It was HARD, very hard, it still is! BUT…. I remembered my WHY ❤

Being your Travel Agent is way more than just booking a vacation on a website! I pour my heart and soul into this! The passion that I have to MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING VACATION AND MAKE THE BEST MEMORIES, is so big! 🥰

For that reason, I am HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE that I am in this for the long run! I’m pushing through these hard times with you and know that great times are ahead! We’ll travel again! We’ll make memories again. We’ve slowly and on a smaller scale, started doing that already. And it feels SO good! 😍

Please continue to think of me when you are ready to get a trip on the calendar! Please remember me (as you always do) when your friends/family mention a vacation! ❤

I appreciate you all SO VERY much! I can’t ever thank you enough for your continued support and patience during this crazy part of our lives! 🌴💚⚓🛳☀️

Thanks so much, Brittany

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