Guest Travel Information

Please verify all legal names, birth dates, and ages of guests are correct. Please make sure it is the age of the guest at time of travel. If you have more than one reservation, please complete one form per reservation and list the names as you want me to book them. Brittany Watson , 424-298-7988,

How to Research for a Vacation

Here are some of the strategies that I use: YouTube – there are so many great travel vlogs and videos out there. I just do a simple search like “Aruba Travel” or a specific place like “Baby Beach Aruba”. Instagram – this can be used a few different ways. One of my favorites is toContinue reading “How to Research for a Vacation”

Partee Shack – Mini Golf – ⛳ RALEIGH, NC From their website “ParTee Shack is Raleigh’s ultimate indoor entertainment venue! Featuring three 18-hole indoor mini golf courses, virtual golf and multi-sport simulators, food, drinks and fun! Get ready for the craziest game of mini golf you have ever seen with unique obstacles at every hole including: a  zip-line, pinball machine, foosball table, andContinue reading “Partee Shack – Mini Golf – ⛳ RALEIGH, NC”

PELICAN’s SNOBALls – Raleigh, NC

The perfect summer snack! After an afternoon adventure at ParTee Shack (blog coming soon), we stopped at Pelican’s SnoBalls, which is New Orleans style shaved ice offering over 100 flavors and many toppings. I was so excited to try this, since having Hawaiian Shave Ice on Oahu in March! I ordered the regular stuffed shavedContinue reading “PELICAN’s SNOBALls – Raleigh, NC”