How to Research for a Vacation

Here are some of the strategies that I use:

YouTube – there are so many great travel vlogs and videos out there. I just do a simple search like “Aruba Travel” or a specific place like “Baby Beach Aruba”.

Instagram – this can be used a few different ways. One of my favorites is to follow hashtags – for example #arubavacation. This will alow you to see pictures of everyone who has used that hashtag. Another way is to search for usernames that include the vacation spot – like ArubaParadisePhotos.

Podcasts – this a favorite for me, since I drive alot or listen while I am cleaning. I do a simple search for the destination – like Aruba – an go through the options! This is where you will get a lot of local and not so common information about each destination! Great secrets and best practices!

Google- Google has been a huge help since my early school days. You can search for things like “What to do in Aruba”, “Top Beaches in Aruba”, “Best Food in Aruba”, “Best Sunsets in Aruba”, etc.

Google Maps – This is something that my husband taught me! So, you Google a place – lets say Aruba – you can zoom in and click and drag throughout the island. You’ll see places listed like attractions, hotels, photo spots, beaches, etc. Once you click on a place, it shows photos and give details like websites, menus for restaurants, hours of operation, ratings, reviews, etc.

Trip Advisor- Trip Advisor is great for looking at your accommodations, excursions, restaurants, etc. I use this for general reviews but I don’t count something out if the reviews aren’t perfect. Everyone has different opinions and if it looks like something you’d enjoy, give it a shot.

Facebook Groups are another huge help and full of great ideas! You just search for your destination in the group and join the ones that have the most members!

Lastly, YOUR TRAVEL AGENT  can give you some great ideas! ❤

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