Bermuda – Cruise Port – Horseshoe Bay – August 23rd – 7:30pm

We arrived in Bermuda this evening at 6pm, via Mariner of the Seas. We were a few hours late, due to some engine troubles and having to cruise at a slower speed, since we left Port Canaveral on Sunday.

We got off the ship at around 7pm, and walked towards the cruise port. We saw a guy with a sign that said “Horseshoe Bay transfers – $7 per person.” We hopped in a taxi bus with two other couples and away we went, towards Horseshoe Bay. It is about a 20 minute drive from Royal Naval Dockyard. Here are some photos from our taxi bus ride.

When you arrive at Horseshoe Bay, there is a concrete path that you follow down to the beach area. On this path are public restrooms, showers to rinse off the sand, a shop, & restaurant. The shop at restaurant were closed (7:25 pm, Tues, Aug 23rd for reference).

This is your view when you get to the end of the path.

If you walk to the right, there is a pretty, little cove area.

The main beach is so beautiful too! We just love it here. This is a PINK SAND Beach!

I also snapped these photos of palm trees against the sky at Horseshoe Bay!

Can’t wait to see some more of Bermuda during the next two days!

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