Glacier Quest Excursion in Whittier (Anchorage)

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Our cruise ship docked in Whittier today, as it’s an embarkation/debarkation port on our 14 Day Alaskan Cruise. Some passengers that sailed Northbound from Vancouver with us debarked, 230 stayed on to continue the 14 day cruise, and many new guests joined us to cruise Southbound to Vancouver.

Whittier is 65 miles from Anchorage and can be reached by car, train, bus, and ferry.

The weather was not great – 100% rain and a forecasted high temperature in the 40s. But, we went ahead with the excursion, knowing that it had an inside cabin.

Our excursion time was 1pm, and they asked us to check-in approximately 1 hour early. We got all checked in and received our boarding cards, meal cards, and seating assignment. I like that they do the assigned seating. It makes it much easier and less stressful than other boats that we’ve been on with open seating. All guests on the same booking were seated at the same table(s).

At 12:45, it was time for boarding to begin. Our table was located on the upper deck of the boat. When everyone was onboard, they showed a quick safety video, explained that they had complimentary water, coffee, and hot tea, plus a bar and snack area available.

Lunch was served almost immediately after leaving the dock. When you book this tour, you choose your included lunch option. They offered smoked salmon chowder or a hearty vegetarian chili, plus a kids meal (hot dog) for kids 2-11. The entrées were served with oyster crackers, a fresh julienne vegetable salad, multi-grain roll, a chedder cheese snack, a fruit snack, and a York peppermint pattie. It was a decent meal.

Our journey continued to Blackstone Bay during the 3.75 hour trip (red route on the map) loop. We made 4 stops along the way.

At the first glacier stop, they had super cute holiday signs to take family photos. I thought this was a really creative touch!

If you’ll be in Whittier/Anchorage, I highly suggest this tour! If you’d like more information, see the links below.

Get Your Guide – Glacier Quest

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