Disney Wish – Day 1 – 10.31.22 – HOTHS

Disney Wish – Port Canaveral – Offering 3 & 4 Night Sailings to the Bahamas

It’s Cruise Day! We arrived at the terminal ahead of our check-in time which was 12:15. The check-in process was super simple as long as you did the online check-in and uploaded all necessary documentation.  We made it up to the terminal in less than 10 minutes but had to wait for our boarding group of 13. We boarded the ship at around 12:40. 

Upon boarding the Disney Wish, your family is introduced – “Disney Wish please welcome the _____ Family”, and you see the absolutely stunning GRAND HALL for first time. Rapunzel & Flynn Rider where greeting the guests, and every 7 minutes there is a “Wishes do come true” quick interaction on stage.

Later in the day, we also saw Cinderella, as well as Tiana.

Our first stop was lunch on Deck 11, Mickey & Friend’s Festival of Foods. I had Mickey’s Smokestack BBQ. It was really tasty and I enjoyed all of the sauce options.

We had the drink of the day – $5.50 each – Mai Tai (alcoholic) and a Princess Delight (non-alcoholic).

After lunch, we headed to the Walt Disney Theater on Deck 3 FWD to complete our quick Muster Drill.

Next up, it was time to explore the Oceaneer Club (kids club) & It’s a Small World Nursey. It is an open house on the first day & registration day.

A unique feature on the Disney Wish, is a slide from the Grand Hall into the Oceaneer Club. So fun!

The Oceaneer Club is available for kids, ages 3 to 12, and it is fabulous.  There are many sections within the Oceaneer Club – Starwars Cargo Bay, Marvel Super Hero Academy, Fairytale Hall, & more.

At 2pm, the staterooms we’re ready! We are staying in a Deluxe Family Oceanview Verandah on Deck 8 FWD.

We unpacked, decorated our door, charged our devices and headed up to Deck 12 to get our spot for the Sail Away Party! We arrived about 35 minutes early to get our spot.

Following the Sail Away Party, we needed drinks! We headed to The Bayou, a new bar concept just lovely.

The night continues with SEAS THE ADVENTURE, a new – 30 minute, Broadway style show. It started at 6:30 and we arrived at 6pm to get our seats. Super cute!

After the show, they were doing the Pumpkin Tree Lighting in the Grand Hall.

We have the 8:15 seating for dinner and our first restaurant on our rotation schedule was 1923! Absolutely delicious & fabulous service!! 12/10!

To close out tonight, we went to the Sanderson Sisters – Photo Op! We got in line 15 minutes early and were about the 15th-20th in line. We were just in time, as the line got super long!

Thanks for reading! ❤️ Check back to see the content of the next 3 days!

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